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Schedule Brake Repairs to Ensure Safe Driving Conditions

Brake Services in Alexandria, VA

Do your brakes squeal when you try to use them? This could be a sign of a potentially serious issue. When you need your brakes repaired, visit Franconia Gulf for great brake specials. Our qualified mechanics have experience in transmission servicesmaintenance and brake services in Alexandria, VA, for vehicles of many makes and models.

The Importance of Regular Brake Repairs and Replacements

Your brakes are one of the most important features of your car or truck. When they're damaged or faulty, it can mean serious consequences like vehicle collisions or accidentally running a red light. By scheduling prompt brake service when you notice signs of faulty brakes or as recommended by your vehicle's owner's manual, you can maintain safety on the road. Get in touch with us if you notice any of the following: 

  • Brake Light Is On
  • Soft Brake Pedal
  • Strange Sounds When Braking
  • Vehicle Bounces When Braking
  • Car Pulls to One Side When Braking
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Cost-Saving Brake Maintenance

Your vehicle's brakes are constantly applied, so it's no mystery that they need adjusting routinely. From the rotors and drums to the pads, your brake system has various parts that wear with use over time. That wear and tear can result in limited ability to decrease your speed and to completely stop your automobile. Give us the pleasure of making your car, truck, or SUV safe by checking and servicing its brakes.

Fixing brakes is one of our specialties, and our technicians are skilled in all aspects of brake maintenance. We inspect all components to determine their condition, including hoses, lines, and calipers. If any issues are discovered, we make adjustments to correct them so that your brakes deliver optimum performance. Additionally, we check the level and appearance of your brake fluid. If the level is too low, we cap it off, and when we do a complete brake job, we drain the fluid and replace it with new liquid.

The work we do on your brakes now will ensure that you experience a safe ride every time you get behind the wheel. We are committed to providing the tune-ups and services that improve the functionality of your brake system and extend its life. When maintenance doesn't correct the problem, it is time to consider more detailed work such as repairs and automotive brake replacement.